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Listen LIVE to every Kansas City Mavericks game this season!  Whether the Mavs are at home or on the road, you can tune in to the live audio broadcast so you don't miss a minute of the exciting hockey action.  

Bob Rennison (2014).  Photo credit Jerry Davis.
Bob Rennison (2014).  Photo Credit: Jerry Davis

Bob Rennison has been the voice of the Kansas City Mavericks since the Mavs' inaugural season. He has been recognized by the (former) Central Hockey League as the Best Broadcaster in the league, and has been honored with the Ralph Backstrom Soul of Service award for his outstanding community and customer service.  A fan favorite, Bob has not missed a single Mavericks broadcast, taking fans through every play and shot that comes within "a gnats eyelash" of bringing home another Missouri Mavericks win. 

CLICK HERE to listen LIVE online during every Mavericks hockey game or download the Mavericks' FREE Mobile App to listen to the LIVE audio stream. 

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