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Lamar Hunt, Jr. watches the Mavericks practice at Silverstein Eye Centers Arena.

Although he was born into a sports dynasty, Lamar Hunt Jr. started his own venture when he purchased the Missouri Mavericks in January of 2015. The team changed its name to the Kansas City Mavericks in 2017, and under Lamar Hunt Jr.'s leadership as President and Owner, the team has continued the string of successes that has made the Mavericks local favorites in the growing KC hockey fan base.
Over the years, Lamar Hunt Jr. has worn a lot of hats. He played flute for the Kansas City Symphony and worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor. He has been a businessman, an entrepreneur, a philanthropist, and a husband and father. Through the years, sports have always played a significant role in his life, and ownership of the Kansas City Mavericks felt to him like a natural outgrowth of his family's sporting legacy, as well as his own desires to give back to the community while doing something he loved.
As the founder of Loretto Companies, Lamar Hunt Jr. created several organizations built on the Christian idea of using wealth and other resources to build family and community and to help those who are less fortunate. While the Loretto Foundation, Loretto Commercial, and Loretto Properties all help to strengthen and give back to the Kansas City community in their own ways, Loretto Sports Ventures is designed to facilitate the growth of sports teams and other assets in the Kansas City area. This not only includes overseeing the Kansas City Mavericks, but also promoting the sport of ice hockey in Kansas City by adding additional rinks and other related opportunities, including bringing more figure skating events to local arenas.
Under the leadership of Lamar Hunt Jr., the Mavericks have already moved from the Central Hockey League to the AA-rated ECHL, and Lamar Hunt Jr. intends to continue to grow and promote the team, seeking to increase the profile not only of the Mavericks but of ice hockey in Kansas City. His goals include affiliation with an NHL franchise, and he hopes that Loretto Sports Ventures can continue to expand youth hockey programs in the region.
Lamar Hunt Jr. is the son of renowned sports promoter Lamar Hunt—known to KC locals as the founder and longtime owner of the Kansas City Chiefs, as well as the man who coined the term "Super Bowl." His father’s interest in sports went far beyond the Chiefs, however, as he was also instrumental in starting Major League Soccer in the United States. 
Hunt Senior has been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the National Soccer Hall of Fame, and the International Tennis Hall of Fame. The Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup, the oldest soccer tournament in the United States, is now named in his honor. 
Over the years, Lamar Hunt's children have carried on his legacy in their numerous ways. Today, Hunt Jr. enjoys a beneficial interest as part of the founding family of the Kansas City Chiefs and serves on the advisory board.
With such a rich family history in football, soccer, and even tennis, it might make sense for Lamar Hunt Jr. and Loretto Sports Ventures to dedicate themselves to promoting one of those sports. However, Lamar Hunt Jr. chose to go his own way and embrace his love of ice hockey. He decided to rebrand the Missouri Mavericks to Kansas City and using his family experience and his considerable business acumen to help promote the sport of ice hockey in KC.
Part of this decision came from a sense that there was a void in the area when it came to opportunities for young people to practice the sport, and part of it came from Lamar Hunt Jr.'s love of ice hockey. 
The culmination of it all is the Kansas City Mavericks team, their mission of bringing "Professional Hockey with a Family-First Attitude" to the KC area, is his ambitious plans for the future of the franchise and for making Kansas City a welcoming home for ice hockey in the region.
Lamar Hunt Jr. lives in Leawood, Kansas with his wife, Rita. They are the proud parents of nine children and have eight grandchildren. He enjoys going with them to Mavericks games whenever the opportunity arises and talking to Mavericks fans.
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